The Curse Of The Eighteenth Letter In The 2018 Season

Considering it is the eighteenth year of the century, it comes as no abruptness that I accept frequently heard Alice Cooper’s aboriginal huge hit on the bounded oldies stations. Even admitting “Eighteen” is a song about age, it has never been added adapted this year than it has in the four and a bisected decades back it was appear on the band’s Love It To Death album.

The year of ’18 will a lot of acceptable abide to be a acceptable one for Alice Cooper and his ancient Top Twenty single, but that amount so far has not looked able for some of those complex in baseball. In fact, the eighteenth letter of the alphabet has been a absolute jinx for Major League Baseball teams whose names alpha with R.

More than bisected of the basement citizenry afterwards the aboriginal anniversary and a bisected are R clubs, whose accumulated almanac has been 15-26. Those four teams, according to a lot of predictions in sports publications, will acceptable end up at the basal in ’18.

Of the quartet, the Rays accept suffered most. Tampa won its opener adjoin Boston, but has back absent every individual game. That almanac has them currently searching up at the blow of the American League East.

The Royals accept achromatic alone hardly bigger in the A.L. Central, area Kansas City has managed just two wins in seven games. Their counterparts in the National League, the Reds, are captivation up the blow of the Central with just a brace of wins as well.

Cincinnati provides even added affirmation of the curse, a chat that cannot be spelled afterwards the R in its center. The amateur who about individual handedly agitated the Reds to one of its two wins with a 5 RBI bold adjoin Pittsburgh, third baseman Eugenio Saurez, bankrupt his duke and will acceptable absorb cogent time in the disabled list.

Also accursed by the eighteenth letter (and the accident of accepting to accessible the division adjoin the World Series Champion Astros) are the Rangers. Even admitting Texas has alert as abounding wins as the Reds and Royals, they still blow in the basement of the A. L. West.

Defying the anathema of R so far in 2018 is Boston, who has won nine beeline afterwards bottomward its opener. Still, admirers at Fenway Park ability wish to accredit to their club as artlessly the Sox, alienated the bright adjective above-mentioned it.